Cheaper way to Get to and from Melbourne airport

Public Transport in melbourne is way cheaper than using Uber, Skybus, transfer, etc, as you probably already know. You can actually save around 30 dollars by using your Myki Card only. If you do not have or know what a Myki card is, Click here for more info.Not only that!, you can even get faster than a Skybus (One way Price 18-22AUD)

Step By step to plan your journey to or from Melbourne Airport

  1. Go to Google Maps: Adjust directions according to your location.(Here I’m using an example from “Southern Cross Station”). Get directions to get to Broadmeadows Station.
    (Craigieburn Line) Will take around 30 minutes according to google maps. 

    Hot to get to from Melbourne Airport

  2. Now, you will have to do another search, entering your arrival time generated from first search. From “Broadmeadows Station” to “Grants Road, Melbourne Airport”. Will take around 25 minutes.

Bus 901 will take you near to terminal 4, which is the closest you can get by public transport.

Hot to get to from Melbourne Airport

Some to Tips

How to Get from Grants Road/Airport Melbourne to Terminal 1?

To get to Terminal 1, walk outside the buildings (faster) along Arrival Drive, going north. (10-15 min walk).

Where Can I buy a Myki Card in Melbourne Airport?

You can actually buy your Myki card on the bus if you come from overseas and want to go to the city. Consider, they do not accept $50 notes or credit cards.


How to Get From the Airport to Melbourne City?

From Terminal 4 go south to the Transport Hub (bus stops) under a huge car park. Take Bus 901 (to Broadmeadows Station and other destinations), departs from bay no 16 or 17.

Route 901 Melbourne airport timetable.


Final Tips

  • Make sure to get the right train.
  • Remember to put on Google Maps “Grants Road, Melbourne airport”, not Melbourne Airport “alone”.
  • Don’t get confused with Broadmeadows Shopping Centre. Be aware to get to Broadmeadows STATION. They’re not the same!



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